Secret Women’s Business is an intimate community of businesswomen who together not only grow our businesses and achieve goals but provide a support network for our members. It’s no secret that women do things differently and we particularly do business differently when we have trust and familiarity.  

Our community is a collection of business owners and senior professionals who are looking for accountability and deep relationships that will ultimately help them achieve business growth and success.  Together we not only support our fellow members but drive our own goals forward.

We do this through a structured program designed to create opportunities for our members to work on their business while developing deep collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.

This is not a feminist movement or a movement to prove a point. This is a community where we have a desire to maximise the strengths we have as professional women and use these strengths to add value to the wider communities we belong to.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia and open our doors to new members once a year by referral only.

I’ve experienced so many positives as a result of joining the SWB group – accountability, support, knowledge and friendship, both personally and professionally, have made my involvement with the group so worthwhile. Anna and Megan have brought together a group of amazing women from diverse backgrounds and industries, creating a supportive environment to share experiences and learn from fellow members. A highlight of SWB membership is the regular events, which are always informative, relevant and presented in a friendly and social setting.”

Michelle Romero
Operations Manager, Ray White Mt Gravatt
Inner Circle Member

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