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My name is Anna Chipperfield and I am one of the founders of Secret Women’s Business.  I spend majority of my working life, being an Advisor & Mentor to small business owners.

My background is diverse, from planning and strategy to operations, human resources and everything in between.

I love working one on one with the business owner and getting to know them and their business intimately. This enables me to share my experience and the tools I have discovered and developed, to create solutions that are designed to have an impact.

Working with female business owners, is particularly rewarding for me.  I have a real passion to provide a level of support that enables you to be able to run your business while maintaining your personal well-being and your lifestyle.  We call it blend, not balance!


I am able to help in many different ways and often have a variety of clients and projects on the go. However, my sweet spot is working with smaller businesses.

Your turnover is typically sitting somewhere from $250,000 (it might be just you) up to $1.5Million per year (you may have a team).

A business of this size usually means we can easily manage all the moving parts and establish great foundations,  without complicated systems or it costing you a motza!


Any support or service will be tailored to your business using tools and solutions that I have tried and tested and handpicked for their simplicity.

I find that the most impactful way of working with me is through regular touch points with a planning and accountability framework.

Understanding your business, your team (if relevant) and where you want to go, is vital.

Together we map out a plan and establish an accountability process to track your progress and help you get things done. Along the way, you have all the advice and support, you need to help you navigate any challenges that arise and ensure we don’t lose sight of the end game.

I don’t always have the answers, however I definitely have the connections! With the help of our SWB Community and broader network,  we will also tap into specialist advice, for you where needed.


My goal is to make each day easier and more enjoyable for you.

If you would like to understand how we could work together, please get in touch for a chat.