In 2020, there are three
membership options available:



Ideal for women who want to attend on a more casual basis, but know that creating space for regular touch points with businesswomen will help her feel supported and ultimately help her achieve more. This membership is great for getting a feel for our community while having access to our helpful frameworks.

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Join the Greater Circle for $19.95 per month

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Designed for women who want to focus on their goals and know that regularly, structured support by way of an accountability group, will help. This member is not only big on spending time within our community, she shares her goals and leans on the Inner Circle and her accountability group for advice and support.  This is a great way to dip your toe into the accountability piece and build strong connections with a smaller group of women where you will meet quarterly and participate in a structured accountability session based around our framework. All Inner Circle members are also part of our Greater Circle community.



This is for the women who know by having her own small group of women who meet monthly with a facilitator, is the ultimate in accountability and keeping on track to achieve her goals.  This is where your connections deepen for life. The level of vulnerability, trust and support you gain from this group is magic. The members of this group are often living or have lived in your shoes.  They go on your journey with you, and support you along the way. To be an inner circle- next level member, you have been actively part of our community for a while and understand the commitment required.

Chances are you’ve been to networking events and found them fruitless or just plain uncomfortable. You might be thinking “I don’t want to introduce who I am and what I do, over and over to no end”.  Perhaps you have never made any real connections or even worse, you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of countless business cards and sales pitches. You might also find the whole thing confronting or competitive. 

This has likely left you cautious about going to other events and wanting to know more about what you’re getting yourself into before committing. If any of this sounds like you, you are likely to be looking to connect with people who want to really get to know you, your business and your needs and you’re also open to sharing your experience, insights and advice too. Secret Women’s Business is unlike what you’ve experienced elsewhere…

this group is for women WHO WANT to support each other,


  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Manager or Senior Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Senior Professional
  • Self-Employed


  • Feeling isolated in your workplace or business
  • Lacking in problem solving support
  • Setting goals but not achieving them
  • Not wanting to share problems at work
  • Wanting to grow and scale your business
  • Dealing with career or business challenges
  • Wanting to manage change more effectively
  • Looking for insights/advice from a quasi-advisory board
  • Seeking a confidence boost in career or business
  • Wanting to climb the career ladder
  • Looking to connect with like-minded women
  • Not reaching business or career goals
  • Feeling vulnerable and needing support
  • In need of people to bounce ideas off; or
  • Ready to lean in and get stuff done…


  • Have access to planning and accountability framework
  • Be part of a community where you share your whole lives with each other with no judgement and complete acceptance
  • Be able to lean on members in the community in all aspects of business and life 
  • Feel connected with other women experiencing ‘all the various things’ in our lives outside of making a dollar



  • A safe, confidential place to share your challenges
  • A no-judgment environment to give and receive support
  • An introduction to a wider group of amazing business women
  • Access to new and fresh ideas from other members
  • Access to experience and insights from other members
  • Connection and interaction with other women
  • A place to bring your burning issues to the table
  • Accountability and support to achieve your goals
  • A place to celebrate your wins
  • A group of women who will support you in the good (and not so good) times
  • Social gatherings and workshops to connect with each other

“I was skeptical about joining this group largely because of prior experiences. I came into this group seeking an accountability partner to help keep me on track with my business goals. What I didn’t realise at the time, was how much I would benefit from being part of the Inner Circle. I’m a private person so initially found the idea sharing challenges difficult. Being in an intimate, well curated group of women I ‘leaned in’. As I result I have received great insight, advice, support and wisdom that has helped me make great gains personally and professionally.”

Mel Telecican
Director of
Inner Circle:Next Level Member

“I don’t have time to fit in another obligation” or “I can’t get to everything”.

Totally! Your time is precious. Many of us are juggling a whole list of things at a time so it makes sense to think carefully about what you give time to. If you can’t make each and every event, that’s absolutely fine because we know that ‘life happens’. To support you to attend as many meetings or gatherings as you would like, we already have every date set for the year ahead so you can schedule it in your calendar ahead of time. We also have a variety of ways that you can be involved.

You may be thinking ‘I don’t feel like I have anything to offer the group’.

If that’s how you’re feeling, you’re not alone. Some of our members have joined SWB unsure of what they have to offer others, especially if they are in the midst of really challenging times. From being connected to the group and leaning in, they’ve since said they now realise that they have been able to contribute in a variety of ways. Even if you are unable to recognise your value for others just yet, you will once you have been a part of our community for a short while.

“I’ve joined other women’s groups before and I haven’t got what I thought I’d get.”

We hear you. It’s one of the major reasons this community was created. We’ve walked away from other groups and events feeling inspired but soon feeling flat. It is an unnerving feeling when you feel like you’re left to take the next steps alone. We, too have sat at tables where there have been no real connections made, event after event. Our members who join the Greater Circle or Inner Circle say that joining has been game-changing in terms of their ability to take action and move forward.

At SWB we know how important planning and accountability is, we know that if you plan and focus on what is important to you and are supported along the way, you are likely to exceed your expectations.

As I don’t own my own business, I was really unsure about how a group like this could benefit me. However, from our first meeting I knew this was different. It is about making sure I am prioritising the things in each area of my life that are the most important to me, and being held accountable by a group of really supportive like minded ladies. Although I don’t have my own business goals, I definitely have career and personal ones. Having a place where I feel safe to talk about the hurdles and celebrate the wins has allowed me to define and continually work on achieving my purpose.

Hayley Brass
Partner Sales Team Lead - Xero
Inner Circle:Next Level Member


SWB is primarily a referral-only community
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$ 195 paid annually or $19.95 per month
  • Invite to your first (in person) Greater Circle Gathering
  • Access to SWB membership portal and closed FB group to interact with members and book events
  • Invite to attend a planning session with Founder Anna Chipperfield, where you will be introduced to our planning and accountability framework
  • Access to all Greater Circle gatherings and social events in person and online (additional cost for in-person gatherings, $35-50 depending on style of event)
  • Access to DEEP DIVE workshops (in-person & online) throughout the year (additional cost, prices vary)


must have spent time as part of the Greater Circle
$ 655 paid annually or $57 per month
  • Invite to all Greater Circle Gatherings
  • Access to SWB membership portal and closed FB group to interact with members and book events
  • Invitation to annual planning session
  • 4 quarterly facilitated accountability meetings with your curated Inner Circle group
  • A seat at 1 boardroom lunch with other Inner Circle groups to deepen connections and share insight
  • Access to DEEP DIVE workshops (in-person & online) throughout the year at inner circle rates


by invitation only
$ 1660 paid annually or $143 monthly
  • Invite to all Greater Circle gatherings
  • Access to SWB membership porta land closed FB group to interact with members and book events
  • Annual Planning session
  • Monthly facilitated accountability meetings with your curated Inner Circle.
  • A seat at 2 Inner Circle boardroom lunches throughout the year
  • Access to social events throughout the year (inner circle rates)
  • A seat at selection of DEEP DIVE workshops (in-person & online) throughout the year

SWB is a much needed resource for women in business and provides support, friendship, accountability and a safe place to explore and grow ideas. As the Founder and Director, Anna Chipperfield has taken her vision and drive to support women in business and I am delighted to provide this testimonial and be a part of the Inner Circle. Being a mother, wife and business owner has its challenges and SWB has helped me navigate through these and develop both myself and my businesses.

Jo Kitney
Director, Kitney OHS and Director, Djambul


Secret Women’s Business was created in 2016 by Anna Chipperfield and Megan Kelly (along with a few founding members) after realising there wasn’t a forum where they could bring their networks together and really get to know each other and their businesses.  What started as a few events each year has turned into something very powerful and it has only just begun.

‘How great would it be if every woman navigating the business world had a group of women as her Inner Circle full of trust and vulnerability, to give her support, guidance, a high five or a kick up the butt – whatever and whenever it is needed! Just imagine that!’

Anna Chipperfield, Founder


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